New Course for Port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

New Course for Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam Authority starts a new campaign which aims to strengthen the brand ‘Port of Rotterdam’ around the world.

The pay-off ‘Change Your Perspective’ will position Rotterdam as a ground breaking port, in order to emphasise the added value of the port for existing and potential customers worldwide. The new campaign was kicked off by new chairman Steven Lak during the annual dinner of Deltalinqs, the employers’ organisation of the Port of Rotterdam. It is the first time that the Port of Rotterdam will be positioned as a clear brand for the entire port area.

A different way of looking and thinking

Rotterdam is still the largest port in Europe and it will remain so for the coming years. Hans Smits, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority: “We want companies to continue to commit themselves to our port. We already have very good USP’s, such as our location and depth, but to hold on to our leading position, we also need a good story. We have surveyed what makes the Port of Rotterdam unique compared to other ports and looked for something that also generates food for thought. Rotterdam is able to look at industry and logistics in different ways each time. By constantly looking from different perspectives, we get new insights, create opportunities and achieve results. The most recent example of this, is of course Maasvlakte 2, where we deal with the demand for more space in the port of Rotterdam in an advanced and sustainable way. And we do that together as a port area, as Port of Rotterdam.

Ground breaking

It is the first time that a positioning and a campaign involves all the companies in the port area. Steven Lak, new Deltalinqs chairman: “The Port of Rotterdam is a world on its own. It’s a figurehead with an international reputation, brimful of stories and innovations happening on a daily basis. Until now, these innovations and new developments have not been shared enough with the outside world. This is partly anchored in our Rotterdam ‘hands-on’ mentality. I am therefore pleased that there is now a concrete approach to underline the distinctive character of the Port of Rotterdam.”


Press Release, January 22, 2013; Image: Maasvlakte 2