EDT Offshore Takes Delivery of Damen Stan Pontoon 9127 (Cyprus)

EDT Offshore Takes Delivery of Damen Stan Pontoon 9127

Last Monday January 21st the brand new Damen Stan Pontoon 9127 (SPo 9127) was handed over to Damen’s long term customer EDT Offshore.

The ‘EDT REGAS’ was delivered from stock with a delivery time of 2 weeks after the contract. The SPo 9127 has a length of 91,5, a beam of 27,4 and a height of 6,1 meter. It has a deck strength of 20t/ m2 with 9900 DWT.

EDT Offshore (Cyprus) is an operations and management company for offshore support and dredging services. EDT has a fleet of some twenty Diving Support Vessels (DP3), Offshore Support Vessels, Fast Crew Suppliers and dregders, that operate worldwide. Three of the company’s crew suppliers and two dredgers are designed and built by Damen. EDT is known, amongst others, for making safety and maintenance key to their business, often assigning dedicated crews to each vessel, which has positive effects on following safety procedures, maintenance and gaining technical knowledge.


Press Release, January 25, 2013