China: CCCC Wins Sci-Tech Progress Awards

CCCC Wins Sci-Tech Progress Awards

At the recent National Science and Technology Award Conference, CCCC’s three science and technology achievements won the national awards for progress in science and technology.

These awards are as follows:

– the Key Technology of Segmental Precast Assembling of External Prestressed Bridge with the Method of Short Line Matching led by CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. and CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd.,

– the Theory and Method of Building High-accuracy 3D Engineering Environment and Complete Technology of Highway Survey and Design led by China Highway Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd., and

– the Innovative Research and Practice of Navigation Hubs in National High-grade Waterway Networks and Navigation Lock Hydraulics led by CCCC Water Transportation Consultants Co., Ltd.

In 2012, CCCC won 91 provincial and ministerial awards for progress in science and technology, up 16.7 percent year on year. These awards include six special awards, 21 first awards, 33 second awards and 31 third awards. The Key Technology of Bridge with Large Span, Variable Cross-section and Continuous Steel Box Girder and Full-span Box Girder Erection, the Research on Basic Technical Platform of Highway Construction in Frozen Earth Areas in Tibet Plateau and the Research on Key Technology of Design and Construction of Power-distribution Anchor System of Main Cable of Suspension Bridge won the special awards for progress in science and technology from the China Highway & Transportation Society; the Research and Engineering Application of Key Technology of Offshore Deepwater Port Construction and the Development of 18000m3 85m New Suction Dredger won the special award for science and technology from the China Water Transportation Construction Association; and the Construction Technology of Steel-truss Arc Bridge with Ultra-large Span won the special award for science and technology from the China Association of Construction Enterprise Management.

CCCC’s leading bodies at all levels place great value on technical innovation. In recent years, the company has increased input in science and technology, valued technological talents and persistently driven enterprises’ sustainable development through technological innovation, which is of great significance to enhancing enterprise reputation and sharpening market competitiveness.


Press Release, January 28, 2013