UK: Flood Defences Get Green Light

Flood Defences Get Green Light

More than 64,000 more homes will be better protected from the devastating effects of flooding after 93 new flood defences were given the green light to start construction this year.

With £294 million to be invested in flood risk management this year, 165,000 homes are now expected to be better protected by 2015, which is 20,000 more than the current goal.

For the first time ever, the Government has provided additional funding for projects that will unlock economic growth. For example:

– Exeter’s new flood defences will create over 1,000 jobs and protect businesses which employ 4,700 people. They will provide better protection of land for business development as well as major rail and sewerage infrastructure and over 2,000 homes.

– A tidal barrier in Ipswich will improve flood protection to ten hectares of development land attracting more business to the area and creating 4,000 jobs.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said:

The 93 schemes given the green light today will bring huge relief to tens of thousands of homes and businesses that have lived with the fear of flood waters hitting their doors. They can get on with their daily lives and work knowing that there are well built defences.

“This is also a message to the business community. By building defences that will unlock the economic potential of once blighted land we are saying to them that it is safe to come and set up. This will create jobs and grow the economy so we can compete in the global race.”

Spokesman Matt Reville told the Leader that the EA were already spending £7 million a year on the Lincshore sand dredging project to build up the beaches, and that £300 million had been spent on the area’s coast since 1953.


Press Release, February 15, 2013