Governor’s Emergency Dredging Strategy Commended (USA)

Governor's Emergency Dredging Strategy Commended

U.S. Representative Candice Miller  made the following comments commending Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on his announced Emergency Dredging Strategy.

Miller said:

Many of the communities that dot the shores of the Great Lakes are facing a crisis due to record low lake levels which without dredging could put the upcoming boating season and their economies at risk. For these communities, an announcement by Governor Snyder to provide emergency supplemental assistance to dredge some of our state’s public harbors is extremely welcomed news. Not only does Michigan rank as one of the top states with the most registered boats in the nation, there are multiple billions of dollars in economic impact tied to Michigan’s boating related spending. Dredging is directly linked to the success of our state’s recreational and commercial boating and fishing industries; the economic benefits tied to this investment cannot be overstated.

Governor Snyder’s recommendation that funding be redirected from projects authorized by the Michigan Waterways Commission to address priority dredging, coupled with his budgetary request for emergency supplemental funding will mean that a total of $21 million would be available for emergency dredging this year. While this plan would delay Waterways projects at our harbors like new restrooms and docks, it is clear that without dredging these facilities would be of no use because boats would not be able to access many of those harbors.

Governor Snyder has made the pursuit of relentless positive action the hallmark of his administration and this plan is certainly an example of that commitment. I applaud the great work being done by the Governor, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the Waterways Commission, and the state Legislature to enact this plan that will allow countless of our citizens and tourists to once again enjoy ‘Pure Michigan’ on our magnificent Great Lakes during the coming season. I stand ready to assist at the federal level in any way I can.”


Press Release, February 19, 2013