SEDIGATE to Attend AMERICANA 2013 (Canada)


SEDIGATE has announced that it will attend the 10th edition of AMERICANA 2013, from March 19 to 21 in Montreal, Canada.

AMERICANA is a forum for participants to exchange their services, expertise and technologies related to sustainable development issues.


SEDIGATE has developed a process, NEMEAU®, which is innovative, ecological, economic, mobile and compact in order to provide quick and easy solutions to implement.

The sediments to be valorized have to be dewatered. SEDIGATE offers an innovative solution thanks to its NEMEAU® process, a dynamic decanter. This process, unique and innovative, performs real-time and continuously the solid – liquid separation, sediment dewatering and rejecting clarified water in its natural environment.

At the end of the process, SEDIGATE obtains a material volume to be treated, reduced by a factor 10.

This process is easy to implement, has a small footprint and is mobile and transportable in three 40-foot containers by road, railway or boat.

The dehydrated materials can be mixed with binder pozzolanic (fly ash that emit 8 to 10 times less of CO2 than conventional concrete), lime and a little cement in order to be stabilized. A good formulation leads to an environmentally friendly material; it is an alternative to conventional concrete.

The objectives of SEDIGATE are the valorizations of materials obtained at the output NEMEAU® and the exploration of new ways of treatment through research & development.


The world sediment market is very large.

Many water and port managers face the continuous effort of dredging in order to maintain the required water depth. Europe-wide, the volume of dredged material is very roughly estimated at 200 million cubic meters per year.

The objective of SEDIGATE is to offer to market participants an innovative solution for the dewatering of sediments to allow storage and reuse of sediments allowing reducing the volume of sediments rejected in the sea.

SEDIGATE begins a program of export development through partnership in Northern Europe, Brazil, China and North America with Canada.


Dredging Today Staff, February 21, 2013

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