USA: Schleicher Praises Scott’s Commitment to Florida Seaports

Schleicher Praises Scott's Commitment to Florida Seaports

Governor Rick Scott emphasized the need for strategic infrastructure investments to grow Florida’s economy this morning in his annual State of the State address, aligning his message with his budget recommendation of $288 million in seaport improvements this year.

JAXPORT Interim CEO Roy Schleicher praised the governor’s recognition of the ports’ importance to the state:

On behalf of the men and women of JAXPORT, I applaud Governor Scott’s continued focus on the seaports of Florida and his dedication to maximizing the benefits of trade in order to create quality employment for the Sunshine State. The governor and state leadership are supporting our ports in the ways that count the most: with strategic investment for the future as we compete head-to-head with other states for cargo and the jobs and dollars that come with growing cargo volumes,” said Schleicher.

“Again I thank Governor Scott, the Florida Department of Transportation, the Florida Ports Council and my fellow port directors for displaying insight and leadership as our actions today are sure to benefit all of Florida’s citizens for generations to come.”


Press Release, March 6, 2013