UK: Italdraghe Returns to Seawork

Italdraghe Returns to Seawork

Italy’s leading dredger builder, Italdraghe SpA, returns to Seawork this year to preview its new range of innovative Marina Master cutter suction dredgers, designed in conjunction with fellow exhibitor Goodchild Marine (UK).

The first dredger will be on the pontoons at Seawork: This exceptionally versatile and manoeuvrable dredger is perfect for precision dredging projects in marinas and narrow waterways where disruption needs to be kept to a minimum. No wires are required and the dredger can even operate inside marina finger berths.

The very first MarinaMaster 8000 will be delivered to the UK in March and will be set to work straight away de-silting the Yacht Haven’s harbour at North Fambridge in Essex.

Being self-propelled, the MarinaMaster 8000 can navigate independently on the water between dredging sites. A key feature of this unique dredger is the two sponsons positioned longitudinally for transportation and then hinged outwards to ensure stability during dredging operations. The width is only 4.1 metres when being transported by road.

All features of the MarinaMaster 8000 are designed to be controlled by one crewmember from the sound-proofed, heated, air-conditioned, control cabin mounted above the dredge arm.

Maintenance or replacement of essential systems is simple and quick to carry out, even the pipe-handling hydraulic crane at the stern is carefully sited to allow it to be used to lift the dredge pump and other machinery space components when required.


Source: seawork, March 7, 2013