Lake Powell Dredging Continues (USA)

Lake Powell Dredging Continues

Work to deepen the Castle Rock Cut-Off at Lake Powell continues this week.

Dredging began last week. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area spokesperson Denise Schultz says workers using special equipment to deepen the cut so it may stay passable for boaters year round.

Loa, Utah based contractor Brown Brothers has been tasked with removing over 70-thousand cubic yards of material, deepening the cut to the 3600-feet elevation. The passageway is a popular shortcut for boaters, shaving off about 10-miles of boating for skippers.

The project is scheduled to be completed by late April. Reopening of Castle Rock Cut-Off will depend on lake levels.


Source: lakepowelllife, March 20, 2013; Image: londonbridgemarine