Poland: DCT, Port of Gdansk Ink Port Development Deal

DCT, Port of Gdansk Ink Port Development Deal.

DCT Gdansk informs that last Tuesday, in the presence of many renown guests, authorities of DCT and The Port of Gdansk Authority signed an agreement which guarantees the possibility of building a new investment of the company, DCT 2 container terminal.

The agreement signed on 19.03.2013 in Arthur’s Court in Gdansk is a formal continuation of a lease agreement signed on 27.01.2013. Signing of this document should be perceived as a grand opportunity for the Port of Gdansk, city of Gdansk, the region of Pomerania as well as Poland and DCT company.

As a result of the agreement with Port of Gdansk, DCT container terminal is at next significant step in the company’s development.

Our existing terminal has always been considered by DCT Gdansk as the beginning of a bigger operation. Thanks to DCT 2 we now have the opportunity to really offer even better facilities to answer to our vocation of deep sea hub for the Baltic Sea. More capacity combined with even higher productivity is our ultimate goal to satisfy our clients’ – comments Capt. Jedrzej M. Mierzewski, Chief Operations Officer.

Design and adjustments employed in creation of DCT 2 will enable it to provide service to greatest container vessels of the world, released by shipyards in the Far East, or units which are currently being designed.

According to the plans, the draught of DCT 2 will be 16.5 meters, with 600 meters of the length of the quay. The top service at the terminal will be provided by 7 Super-Post-Panamax gantry cranes with overhang of 25 rows of containers.

The target annual capacity of DCT 2 terminal is estimated to be 2.5 million TEU. This, together with DCT terminal, will compose up to 4 million TEU annual handling capacity once the terminal is fully operational in 2016.

Although the fact of signing of the agreement with Port of Gdansk Authority is of profound importance to DCT company, this milestone should be perceived as a beginning to even harder and more demanding work during next stages of the development of the project – emphasizes Adam Zolnowski – CFO of DCT Gdansk.

Erecting DCT 2 will result in grand development possibilities and favorable conditions in the region of Pomerania and Poland. Investments in infrastructure, employment options of up to 1500 direct workplaces, development of the region of Pomerania and tangible profits for the economy of Poland are just some of the benefits which result from the finalization of the project of DCT 2.


Press Release, March 25, 2013; Image: portgdansk