PMO: Execution of 150 Port and Coastal Projects (Iran)

Execution of 150 Port and Coastal Projects

Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Transportation and Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) said that currently as many as 150 projects on port and coastal areas are underway in the country in partnership with the private sector.

These project mainly concern port infrastructures and superstructure such as providing operational equipment for the cargo operation in the ports.

Addressing at the closing ceremony of the International Conference on Port and Maritime Structures (ICOPMAS2012) in Tehran, Mr. Sadr, PMO’s Managing Director added that PMO has granted low-interest loans to the private sector for equipping the ports and executing port projects during recent years the outcome of which is quite visible in the ports. He went on to say that PMO is planning to continue this approach.

In the next two month, a seminar on investment in Iranian ports development will be held in Tehran in which all investment opportunities will be presented for the participation of the private sector, Mr. Sadr noted. He insisted on the PMO’s approach on development of coastal areas with a special focus on maritime-related activities.


Press Release, April 3, 2013