IHC Beaver Engineer Training Approaches (The Netherlands)

IHC Beaver Engineer Training Approaches

The IHC Beaver® dredger, IHC Merwede’s standard cutter dredger, is well known for its robust construction, reliable operation and excellent performance.

IHC Merwede has already supplied over 700 of these efficient dredgers to customers around the world.

An optimal dredging operation not only requires a modern vessel, but also a dedicated and well trained crew with sufficient knowledge and skills to maximise the performance of an IHC Beaver® dredger.

Training dredging engineers improves the link between man and machine and increases the profitability of each operation.

The Training Institute for Dredging (TID) offers a two-week training (Kinderdijk, 10 – 21 June, 2013) for owners of an IHC Beaver® dredger and their crew. The program covers all aspects of the equipment, including maintenance and troubleshooting.


The programme is designed for personnel who maintain and troubleshoot the different systems onboard an IHC Beaver® dredger, including:

1. all-round operational personnel, who carry out daily maintenance and repairs,

2. mechanical engineers,

3. electrical engineers.

Training programme

The program consists of seven carefully structured training modules, each of which can also be selected separately or as part of an individual training package.

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Dredging Today Staff, April 25, 2013