USA: Richmond Introduces Flood Protection Legislation

Richmond Introduces Flood Protection Legislation

Congressman Cedric Richmond (LA-02) introduced the Recognizing the National Benefits of Flood Protection Act of 2013, HR-1769. The bill would require the Army Corps of Engineers to calculate the national benefits of proposed flood protection projects.

“To secure funding for flood protection in this tight fiscal climate, the Corps must understand how important Louisiana’s most endangered communities are to the national economy,” said Rep. Cedric Richmond. “There are a number of pending flood protection projects that would protect billions of dollars in infrastructure, including oil refineries and the homes of thousands of energy workers. When a hurricane threatens, workers are forced to evacuate their homes, refineries must shutdown, and as a result, gasoline prices jump nationwide. My bill makes sure the Corps understands the benefits the state of Louisiana provides to the U.S. economy.”

In addition, the Recognizing the National Benefits of Flood Protection Act:

– Creates an appeals process for non-federal sponsors that disagree with the Corps’ analysis of their project. A panel of economists and flood damage experts would review all evidence and direct the Corps on how to proceed;

– Directs the Corps to account for the benefits of evacuation routes that are vital to the public safety and economic stability of the region;

– Requires the Corps to give priority to projects that would protect areas that experienced flooding in the last ten years;

– Directs the Corps to submit a report to Congress analyzing the connection between Corps of Engineers projects for flood and hurricane damage reduction and the resiliency of maritime and energy infrastructure.


Press Release, April 29, 2013