Kinderdijk to Host IHC Beaver Operator Training (The Netherlands)

Kinderdijk to Host IHC Beaver Operator Training

The Training Institute for Dredging (TID) has developed a complete capacity building program for cutter operators.

The training (11 – 15 November 2013, Kinderdijk, the Netherlands) will be performed with the use of a new generation extremely realistic cutter simulator. The modern dredging operator desk of the simulator is equipped with all automation and controls which can be expected in a modern cutter suction dredger. For this training TID uses an IHC Beaver® Dredger 6518 simulator.


The simulator is a very strong tool to train dredge operations. An integrated approach of theoretical and practical training will enable the operators to get the most out of their dredger. With the simulator a variety of dredging situations can be trained. Conditions, like current, soil type and pipeline configuration, can be altered to match real life situations, enabling participants to understand what the results and effects of their actions would be. Hazardous situations can be experienced without danger, risk or loss of production.


After the training the participants are able to operate their dredge in a more economic and safe way. The participants will improve their understanding of governing processes in dredge operations.


The training is designed for IHC Beaver® cutter suction dredger operators with a minimum experience of 1 year. To be able to follow this training the participants should have at least a medium level of technical education, a basic understanding of dredging and a good understanding of English.


The simulator course is a highly intensive 5 day course. In order to maximise practical simulator time the group will have a four member maximum. The focus is on practical skills and case-based theoretical explanations and exercises. If necessary the group will be split up into two subgroups. The subgroups will follow parallel training sessions.

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Dredging Today Staff, May 1, 2013