Iran: Bright Future for Chamkhaleh Port

Bright Future for Chamkhaleh Port

Mr. Sadr, Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) said that there are a number of ports being constructed and developed in the north of the country (bordering Caspian Sea) in Gilan province.

He added that some small multipurpose ports in the north have ideal locations and are potential to be turned from fishing port into commercial and tourism one. Among them is Chamkhaleh port.

Noting that this port has been transferred from Fisheries Organization to the PMO, Mr. Sadr said that his organization is planning to make investment in the port to turn it into a commercial port.

Giving further details about the amount of investment in Chamkhaleh port, PMO’ s Managing Director also said that some $ 60 million is planned to be invested in this port for purchasing required equipment for port operation, construction of breakwater and berths. He also added that it is expected that construction and development of this port would be realized by early 2014.

Port and Maritime Organization as the maritime administration is Iran has made huge investment in development of its ports and has had a special view to its minor and small ports with the aim of job creation and contributing to local economy.


Press Release, May 13, 2013