Europort 2013 Set for November (The Netherlands)

Europort 2013 Set for November

Europort (November 5-8 2013, Ahoy Rotterdam) is without a doubt the most complete maritime exhibition in the world.

Over 31,000 maritime professionals from all segments of the shipbuilding industry, from naval to dredging and from fishery to offshore, are brought together in one state-of-art exhibition.


The West European dredging industry has an outstanding reputation and the Netherlands is a leader within this segment. The economy is full of new challenges in the area of operational availability and sustainability. The dredging sector and its suppliers are there to take up the gauntlet.

Vessels have complete work stations, including crews on board, and the norm is dredging with environmental awareness.

Internationalisation is booming; emerging markets will need lots of dredging work.

As a result of cooperation with CEDA (Central Dredging Association), Europort 2013 will certainly attract a large number of dredging professionals to Ahoy Rotterdam.

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Dredging Today Staff, May 14, 2013