China: Cihu River Dredging to Bring Major Benefits

Cihu River Dredging to Bring Major Benefits (file photo)

The objective of the Ma’anshan Cihu River Basin Improvement Project in China is to improve drainage and flood protection capacity in urban areas of Ma’anshan municipality.

The project comprises of four components:

– Cihu River rehabilitation and drainage improvement component will reduce the risk of urban flooding and restore pumping and drainage capacity to discharge the runoff generated by 1 in 10 year storm events through improved storm water collection and discharge facilities along the upper and lower reaches of the Cihu River;

– Rehabilitation of tributaries and drainage canals component will restore the natural storm drainage function of nearly 27 km of tributaries and canals feeding into the Cihu River by rehabilitating embankments, dredging and removing blockages. It will be designed to ensure that tributaries and canals can handle storm events of 1 in 10 years;

– Environment management and monitoring component will support the government in developing useful tools for monitoring water quality within the Cihu River watershed and for preventing/mitigating impacts from mine land use that contribute to soil erosion and siltation;

– Capacity building and project implementation support component will support the overall development of Ma’anshan municipality to coordinate and manage the implementation of the project, including the establishment and operation of a monitoring and evaluation system, safeguards monitoring and the establishment of a project management office.

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Press Release, May 17, 2013