Iran: Bushehr Port on Right Track

Bushehr Port on Right Track

Director General of Bushehr Port said that the proper ground for the investment in Negin Island has been prepared.

Negin is a small island adjacent to Bushehr Port which is planed to be turned into to a small port. Mr. Rastad noted that last year the ground was paved for conclusion of two agreements for investment in the Island and this year they are expected to be signed.

“This investment will be made for the construction of a container terminal as well as a dedicated terminal for the import and export of bulk and transit cargo”. Director General added that it is agreed that the present operator would invest in the Island.

Pointing out that the volume of investment has not yet been finalized; Mr. Rastad stated that it will be determined on the basis of the financial and economic assessment plan. He went on to say that the construction of the terminals will be initiated this year.

“Due to the current constraints in the existing port facilities of Bushehr, it is not possible to attract private sector’s investment any more”. Mr. Rastad said. “Taking the account of this limitation, the new investments of the private sector will be director to Negin Island Port project.”


Press Release, May 20, 2013