NJWSA Introduces Dredging Plan for Delaware and Raritan Canal (USA)

NJWSA Introduces Dredging Plan for Delaware and Raritan Canal

The New Jersey Water Supply Authority has announced a plan for dredging of the Delaware and Raritan Canal from Kingston to Amwell Road.

Project Objective

■ Remove an estimated 240,000 cubic yards of sediment from the Canal in order to restore its flow capacity;

■ Remove and dispose of 45,000 cubic yards of sediment from the Authority’s stockpile site in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County, NJ.

Project Goals

■ Protect the historical integrity of the Canal;

■ Minimize environmental and social impacts Critical Project Elements;

■ Develop dredging plan acceptable to stakeholders;

■ Focused outreach to public officials and stakeholders.


Dredging Technologies Evaluated

■ Mechanical Excavation (in the dry);

■ Mechanical Dredging (in the wet);

■ Hydraulic Dredging with Mechanical Dewatering;

■ Hydraulic Dredging with Geobags.

Dredge Material Characterization

■ Chemical analysis of the target materials meet State non-residential re-use standards with a portion also meeting re-use standards at residential sites. Vanadium and benzo(a) pyrene was observed in some samples at higher than residential levels, but within known criteria for site-specific brownfield reuse;

■ Elutriate (filtrate water) samples from bench-scale dewatering tests concluded that direct discharge to the Canal would achieve surface water standards. Treatment (such as filtration) to remove suspended solids may be required to improve the return water quality.

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Press Release, May 21, 2013