DEME: Wetteren Remediation Works Begin (Belgium)

Wetteren Remediation Works Begin

DEC, the environmental subsidiary of DEME (Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering), has recently started implementing the remediation and management measures established for the calamity zone in Wetteren, where the soil was contaminated with acrylonitrile following a serious train accident.

The highly delicate operation is carried out by order of SNCB Holding (Infrabel) in accordance with the strictest safety requirements.

The required management measures were established in joint consultation between Infrabel, OVAM, Ecorem and the Belgian Pedological Services.

The works involve complete remediation of the southern longitudinal canal and the Grote Vijverbeek along a stretch of 300 and 150 metres, respectively. The soil and the sludge will be excavated and transported to the soil recycling centre GRC at Kallo in specially equipped and completely sealed off trucks.

The residential area being the first priority, works will commence along the western side.

As an additional management measure, horizontal drainage collectors will be placed north and south of the railway. Horizontal drains will extract the groundwater from the soil. A mobile water treatment unit installed on site will remediate the water extracted from the drains. In preparation of the final soil remediation concept, the latter management measure will also limit further spreading of the contamination.


Press Release, May 24, 2013