IADC Webinar: Hydraulic Fill (The Netherlands)

IADC Webinar, Hydraulic Fill

Hydraulic fill is the basis, the essential ingredient, for all land reclamation projects, for port expansion and airport platforms, for residential and industrial development, and many other major infrastructure plans.

To fully understand the most important elements of land reclamation (planning, design, data collection, legal and contractual aspects) a comprehensive reference work, Hydraulic Fill Manual, has recently been published. For the first time, a rational, transparent volume is available to explain the intricacies of hydraulic fill.

Based on the book’s enthusiastic reception, the editor, Mr. Jan van ‘t Hoff (Van ‘t Hoff Consultancy) and author/reviewer, Mr. Patrick Mengé, Senior Geotechnical Engineer (DEME – Dredging International) have prepared a WEBINAR to introduce the iterative process applied to achieving an optimal design and realistic, cost-effective choices for reclamation projects.

Learn how to realise an optimum reclamation design by learning about:

– basic elements of a land reclamation project;

– data collection: what data are required and how are they applied;

– selection of dredging equipment: what to use when and where;

– selection of the borrow area, operational planning and selection of construction methods including fill mass properties and placement issues;

– technical aspects of ground improvement: why, when and how it is done;

– the design of a reclamation area considering strength, stiffness and permeability of the fill mass as well as liquefaction and earthquakes;

– special fill materials and problematic subsoils such as carbonate sand fill materials and hydraulic rock fill;

– drainage, wind erosion, slope, bank and bed protection, as well as monitoring and quality control, and finally;

– an overview of technical specifications with a checklist of project requirements.

Webinar participants will discover that a land reclamation site can be developed without excessive costs, unwanted disputes, arbitrations and lawsuits.

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Press Release, May 30, 2013