CARIS and Kongsberg: Practical Survey Workshop in Uruguay

Practical Survey Workshop in Uruguay

CARIS and Kongsberg recently teamed up to conduct a five-day joint acquisition and processing workshop with Servicio de Oceanografia, Hidrografia y Meteorologia de la Armada (SOHMA) in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Thirty-five attendees from hydrographic organizations and survey companies from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama participated in the workshop which included theoretical and practical sessions, field operations and hands-on exercises.

The workshop consisted of presentations from Kongsberg on the EM 2040 multibeam and the SIS acquisition software. This was followed by vessel mobilization and hands-on data collection on board SOHMA’s survey vessel Trieste. Following the data collection, the attendees focused on data processing using the latest version of CARIS HIPS and SIPS 8.0 and discussed best practices for ensuring a quality data deliverable.

Some of the new functionality in HIPS and SIPS 8.0 were utilized, including the new calibration module and the water column processing tools, as well as standard workflow aspects such as sound velocity correction and backscatter processing. Attendees were also provided with detailed information about the CARIS Bathy DataBASE and were shown how it can address their survey data management requirements.


Press Release, June 4, 2013