VIDEO: Winnetka Dredging Program (USA)

Winnetka Dredging Program

The unprecedented sand topography and water levels at the Lloydd park, Winnetka, have potential risk for rapid and significant changing conditions.

The uniqueness of potentially varying conditions, will limit the District’s financial commitment to this pre-season dredge and related efforts to open and operate the launch.

The District will continue to discuss and address additional longer term measures and solutions to best meet the challenges of the lakefront and boat launch, including but not limited to;

– On-going dialogue with private beach residents to the North regarding sand removal;

– On-going dialogue with Village officials regarding sand removal at Tower Road breakwater;

– Master plan development.

It is also expected that the historic low Lake Michigan water levels and the on-going threat of migrating sand from the North will continue to provide some potential challenges to this season’s boat launch operation.


Dredging Today Staff, June 5, 2013