IHC Merwede: New Orders Secured for Cutter Suction Dredgers

IHC Merwede

IHC Merwede has announced that it has recently secured orders to the value of €125million for a wide range of new cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) and related equipment.

The latest sales agreements confirmed by the company include a new custom-built CSD and a further 12 units that will be supplied by IHC Beaver Dredgers. The contract for the custom-built CSD has been entrusted to IHC Merwede by Huta Marine Works for the design, engineering and construction of an innovative self-propelled vessel.

The total installed power of the 122.5-metre dredger will be 23,545kW, and it will feature a dredging depth of 28 metres and a cutter power of 3,500kW. Huta Marine Works will deploy the bespoke CSD for dredging predominantly on both sides of the Arabian Peninsula and it will be purposebuilt for working in the specific conditions associated with these waters.

Among the other 12 units sold by IHC Merwede this year are nine standard IHC Beaver® CSDs, two Delta Multi Craft (DMC) standard work boats and a booster station. IHC Merwede’s strategy is to deliver these vessels from stock, which enables it to meet the immediate demand from the market for short delivery times. Securing these latest sales agreements once again confirms the validity of this approach.

The majority of IHC Merwede’s business in this sector comes from a varied customer base, from private contractors to state-owned organisations, and this batch of orders has been no exception. The final destinations for the finished vessels span four continents across the globe.

IHC Merwede’s President Govert Hamers says, “One of our main aims at the start of 2013 was to increasingly compete with a more standard line-up of vessels. Many potential customers require a much simpler and therefore cheaper proposition, and we’re delighted to already see the fruits of our labour with the confirmation of these new orders.”


Press Release, June 12, 2013