Thailand: Southern Provinces Face Floods

Southern Provinces Face Floods

Several provinces in the southern region are still faced with floods.

In Huay Yot district of Trang, a rockslide sent large rocks crashing onto a temple building used to store small Buddha images and kitchenware, damaging the articles kept inside. The rocks came hurtling down just 10 meters from a housing building occupied by monks and novices. Nobody was hurt.

In Satun province, 7 district have been declared flood disaster zones, after heavy downpours triggered flash floods and forest runoffs. Khao Khao sub-district and Kamphaeng sub-district in La-ngu district were especially hard-hit; several of the roads have been heavily inundated and impassable. Soldiers from a nearby military base are now hard at work in dredging the canals and waterways to help improve the outflow of water.

In Phang-nga province, the flooding situation has expanded to cover several districts. The situation is most significant in Taguapa district, where the floodwater has risen after continuous downpours. Locals have had to move their belongings onto higher ground and live under makeshift tents instead of in their inundated homes. Many schools and state offices have been forced to close.


Press Release, June 14, 2013

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