VIDEO: Japan to Fund Mombasa Port Expansion (Kenya)

Japan to Fund Mombasa Port Expansion

An agreement between Kenya and Japan regarding the funding for the Mombasa port expansion and modernization plan has successfully secured funds from the Japanese government for all three work phases as well as the construction of a free port at Dongo Kundu.

In week 14 Cofra B.V. started installing 5.5 million meters of drain for the expansion of the Port of Mombasa in Kenya for the Japanese contractor Toyo Construction, as recently reported.

The drains are being installed by four drain stitchers that are operational day and night. In the coming weeks a network of horizontal and vertical drains will be constructed in record time.

This is done together with Boskalis who performs the dredging.

Kenya, as one of the more stable countries in the region, is facing an increasing demand for container storage capacity. To meet this growing demand the port of Mombasa is being expanded.


Dredging Today Staff, June 14, 2013