UK: Environment Agency Bolsters Shoreham and Lancing Sea Defences

Environment Agency Bolsters Shoreham and Lancing Sea Defences

The Environment Agency has begun essential shingle maintenance work on the beach between Shoreham and Lancing to further reduce the risk of coastal flooding to the West Sussex towns.

The work will last approximately two weeks. The shingle beach helps to reduce coastal flood risk by taking the energy and force out of the waves. Following strong winds throughout the winter and spring the shingle has been displaced. This has resulted in numerous areas of shingle erosion and steep drops, most significantly in the area of Brooklands Lake outfall.

On completion, the beach will be safer for beach users. The continued maintenance between Shoreham and Lancing will ensure the sea defences continue to work in the way they were they were designed in conjunction with the £18 million rock groynes built in 2005.

David Robinson, Environment Agency Solent & South Downs Operations Manager, said: “The beach between Shoreham and Lancing protects over 4,500 residential and commercial properties.

“By carrying out this essential work now, before the school summer holidays, we can restore the flood protection and amenity value this beach provides with minimal disruption to beach users.”


Press Release, June 21, 2013

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