Dredger “Tallulah Bella” Officially Handed Over (UK)

Tallulah Bella.

On 26th of June 2013, the second day of the exhibition Seawork International 2013, the key handing over ceremony of the self-propelled cutter suction dredger Tallulah Bella took place.

Tallulah Bella, the first of the Marina Master 8000 range to be delivered and named after the owner’s daughter, was engineered and built by Italdraghe in Italy in collaboration with UK-based Goodchild Marine, who was responsible for the design.


The owner of the 13.7 meter long dredger is Yacht Havens Group, a company that owns eight marinas across the UK. Their new cutter suction dredger with a dredging capability of eight meters depth will be used for maintenance works in their marinas.

Tallulah Bella

The Marina Master 8000 is especially suitable for small ports, as it can dredge under finger piers, and with two bow thrusters in the front and a rudder propeller in the back, it is highly maneuverable.

The dredger arm folds in the middle and the dredger is equipped with two walking spuds.


Dredging Today Staff, June 26, 2013