Australia: JDS Group Wins Coffs Harbour Project Deal

JDS Group Wins Coffs Harbour Project Deal

The JDS Group Pty Limited has won the Coffs Harbour’s eastern break-wall development contract.

Under this agreement, JDS will place 2000 concrete blocks weighing almost 30 tonnes along exposed parts of the wall, reports

Regarding this construction project, Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser, stated: “Coffs Harbour is a very important port on the eastern seaboard. It’s a matter of making sure that that seawall is going to continue doing the job that it’s done for many years.”

This development program should last about 18 months, and the total value is USD 19 mln.

Fraser also mentioned the Coffs Harbour dredging plans, and said: “Coffs Harbour along with other north coast ports will begin to be dredged on a regular basis so that we can ensure that the depth of the harbour is such that we act as a real port.”


Dredging Today Staff, June 27, 2013