MMT: New EM2040 Multibeam Model (Sweden)

New EM2040 Multibeam Model

MMT has in cooperation with Kongsberg Maritime AS, developed a new EM2040 Multibeam model for high-resolution surveys.

This new model is specially designed for mapping in high speed and will deliver higher resolution and accurate survey data to the market.

The new model enhances the already leading EM2040 system by allowing the frequency to be changed in 10 kHz intervals, additional pulse length options to optimise performance and the introduction of FM pulse to the 400 kHz frequency. Thereby giving greater range performance (both depth and swath width) at the highest resolution.

The new features enable the EM2040-04 dual TX to surpass the existing EM2040-04 dual RX performance in density and resolution.

The EM2040-04 dual TX will be installed on MMT´s coastal survey vessel MV SeaBeam. This investment has advanced MMT’s surveying and mapping operations and it supports MMT´s standing as a unique and highly advanced competitor in the offshore marine surveying field.


Press Release, July 5, 2013