Top News – July 15 to 21, 2013


DEME Announces New Contracts Worth EUR 250 Million

Within the DEME group recently, a great many assignments for large, energy-related projects have been awarded to a range of different companies.


Durres Port Development: Dredging is Major Factor for Success (Albania)

EMS Albanian Port Operator Shpk officially started operations at the East Terminal in the Port of Durres.


Wick Harbour Authority Prepares Dredging Project (UK)

After receiving a GBP 450,000 boost to dive in offshore wind industry, Wick Harbour Authority is currently planning to install heavy lifting equipment and to dredge the channel to the harbour’s commercial quay.


Kuwait: CCCC Guangzhou Wins Subiyah Dredging Contract

CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Co., Ltd. has recently won the bid for the temporary channel dredging of Kuwait’s Subiyah Cross-Sea Bridge, marking its successful entry into Kuwait’s dredging market.


CBP Issues Jones Act Ruling on Inland Dredging (USA)

Customs and Border Protection recently released a ruling regarding the use of a foreign-built, floating amphibious device used for excavation, dredging and aquatic weed cutting and harvesting.

Dredging Today Staff, July 21, 2013



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