Dragflow Expands Its Line of High Efficiency Dredgers (Italy)

Dragflow Expands Its Line of High Efficiency Dredgers

The Dragflow network, one of the most extended, thrustable and successful team in the pump and dredging business, has been working hard in the last two years to develop and market the most complete, competitive and efficient line of dredges.

In addition to the three traditional dredge’s designs, steel cable, telescopic boom and ladder dredge, Dragflow’s introduced a new line of remote controlled dredges, multi-purpose amphibious dredges and booster stations, that will permit the company to gain a stronger position to compete in most of the marine, mining, industrial, civil, sand&gravel projects worldwide that involves dredging and pumping heavy solids.

Dragflow Expands Its Line of High Efficiency Dredgers.

The new line of remote controlled dredges includes: a mini electric dredge, designed to fit in 20 feet container; a modular electric dredge, ideal for a 40 feet container; a portable hydraulic dredge, all of them are fully wireless remote controlled. They all require less human labour input, that means lower costs and more safety, because no humans are needed onto the barge.


The innovative amphibious dredges can be easily used both on land and in water: they’ve a wide working area, thanks to a strong hydraulic crane; they’re easy to handle, because no winches or propeller are needed and they’re equipped with a very comfortable operator cabin.

The new line of booster station permits to reach a discharge distance of one kilometer or more, because it adds head pressure (energy) to the dredge system.

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Press Release, July 25, 2013