Azhikkal, Ponnani Ports in Modernization Mode (India)

 Azhikkal, Ponnani Ports in Modernization Mode

The feasibility study of Azhikkal and Ponnani ports development has been finished.

The ports will be exclusively used for cargo handling. Director of Ports Jacob Thomas said: “The Ponnani port is expected to be operational in two years and Azhikkal in three years. The ship channel in Azhikode will be six metres and Ponnani will be 13 metres.”

Azhikkal port allows anchoring of ships of up to 7,000 BWT and the Ponnani port can cope with larger vessels of up to 15,000 BWT, as reported by

The project in Azhikkal tends to create a multipurpose terminal by developing the existing wharf, and a second multipurpose terminal in the land available at the southern side of river mouth in the first phase.


Dredging Today Staff, July 30, 2013