City Unveils Lake Decatur Dredging Plans (USA)

The City Invites for Lake Decatur Dredging Applications (USA)

Decatur, a U.S. city, has been receiving applications for a dredging contractor until July 26. 

The contractor will reclaim an important piece of Lake Decatur’s capacity, reports The Business Journal of Midcenral Illinois.

“At first, we thought we were going to contract out individual basins (of the lake). We’ve elected to bundle that into a large, comprehensive dredging project, which will save us millions of dollars in mobilization and demobilization costs,” said Keith Alexander, the city’s director of water management.

As city Manager Ryan McCrady said, it is estimated that the project will cost the city $60 million, and it would take three to five years to complete.

“Our community needs to accept the fact that dredging needs to go on all the time,” McCrady said. “We can’t just dredge once and then we’re done. Water is constantly flowing into the lake. It’s constantly bringing sediment in.”

At the end of the project, Lake Decatur should have 29 percent more storage volume.


Dredging Today Staff,  August 2, 2013

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