UK: Pharos Offshore Group Refurbishes Its New Trencher

Pharos Refurbishes Its New Trencher

Pharos Offshore Group is currently refitting its newly acquired subsea cable trencher at Tees Offshore Base in Middlesbrough, Gazette Live informs.

The company finds the facilities at Tees Offshore Base an ideal location to refurbish its cable trencher, as it is contracting local companies to provide their services for the job. Refurbishment works on the trencher will last for 6 to 12 weeks.

By using its own specialized equipment and workforce, the company is trying to reduce costs in the cable installation works for offshore wind farms.

“This was a significant investment, it’s our biggest asset to date – it’s really a huge indicator of growth within our company and this will support jobs on Teesside,” Gazette Live quotes Scott Gartshore, Pharos Offshore’s Chief Technical Officer, as saying.

“Teesside has a robust local supply chain and established port, and we need specialist equipment to move from quayside to the workshop and back,” concluded Gartshore.


Dredging Today Staff, August 12, 2013