Progroupe: Danube River Dredging Program Moves Ahead (Slovakia)

Danube River Dredging Program Moves Ahead

Progroupe equipped with new „Dredge King“ from Senwatec and Dredgepack® continue to complete dredging phase III on Gabčíkovo Water Dam – water reservoir Hrušov in Slovakia.

Prolake s.r.o. Banská Bystrica, member of the Progroupe sediment removal, was awarded the contract for dredging and processing of riverbed sediments from Gabčíkovo Water Dam – water reservoir Hrušov, being a part of the Danube River; phase III in 2013. In total, 220.000m3 of sediments were processed since November 2001.

Process of sedimentation and colmatage of the riverbed has impact on gradual decline infiltrated ground water levels to all the major water sources in the vicinity, water flow guidance and flood protection. Sludge from reservoir Hrušov is transported by dredger and processed and dewatered in the processing facility, with output of app. 220 m3 per hour.

The aim of the following stages of sediments removal is flood protection, water flow guidance and monitoring ground water level in the vicinity area to create suitable water management model on the reservoir Hrušov.


Press Release, September 5, 2013