Rabobank Publishes Outlook for Dredging Sector

Rabobank Publishes Outlook for Dredging Sector

CEDA Corporate Member Rabobank has published its newest outlook for the dredging sector, and for the first time, made it available to the general public.


The dredging sector is an important market segment in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands 160 companies with total annual sales of more than EUR 1 bn and employing 10,000 people are active in the dredging sector.

The dredging sector in Belgium consists of only 2 companies: Jan De Nul and DEME. These companies have a combined workforce of nearly 8,000 people, but this figure includes also employees working in other sectors than dredging, such as construction and environmetal services.

The Belgians and Dutch have built up a very strong reputation, not only by protecting their own countries against the sea, but also by carrying out large dredging projects worldwide, such as for instance in the Middle East (Dubai), Latin America (Panama Canal), and Far East (Singapore, airport of Hong Kong).

In this report we will describe the growth drivers for the global dredging market, the development of the global dredging fleet, the largest dredging companies and dredging equipment suppliers, the competitive environment, and the different strategies being carried out by the largest dredging companies,” CEDA stated.

Outlook Dredging by Rabobank


Press Release, September 9, 2013