Australia: Darwin Port Corporation Announces Annual Report

Darwin Port Corporation Announces Annual Report

The Darwin Port Corporation’s Annual Report 2012-13 was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday 17 October 2013.

In tabling the Report, Chief Minister Adam Giles noted that the Darwin Port Corporation Annual Report for 2012-13 shows the organisation made a before tax profit of $11 million for the year.

“This record-breaking result represents a 31% increase in total revenue for the Port Corporation and is more evidence the Territory is open for business”, said Mr Giles.

More than $2.6 million was injected into local economy over three consecutive days in March from three cruise ships berthed at city wharves.

“On the wave of these results, the Port Corporation is planning for an important dredging project at the entrance of the Harbour to open it up to unrestricted tidal access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“The Government has already identified the need for a second port to enable further industrial development.

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Press Release, October 18, 2013