Benishek: Legislation Will Help Maintain Michigan’s Port (USA)

Legislation Will Help Maintain Michigan’s Port

Dr. Dan Benishek (MI-01) supported legislation that will improve the maintenance of harbors and ports in Northern Michigan.

“Frankly, this issue is about jobs in Northern Michigan. A lot of communities up here depend on their harbors and ports for shipping and recreational boating. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the money designated for harbor maintenance being spent on other things. That needs to be fixed. This bill will go a long way toward ensuring our ports and harbors get the maintenance they need,” said Dr. Benishek, a surgeon from Iron River and lifelong resident of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Dr. Benishek supported the “Water Resources Reform and Development Act” (WRRDA). This legislation authorizes key missions of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including maintenance of ports, harbors and waterway infrastructures throughout the nation. Dr. Benishek, along with Rep. Candice Miller (MI-10) and Rep. Bill Huizenga (MI-02), worked to add provisions to the legislation that will ensure Michigan will get proper harbor funding by designating the Great Lakes as a single, unified navigation system.

Properly maintaining our harbors is huge for Northern Michigan’s economy. And it’s more important than ever because of the historically low water levels in the Great Lakes. I’ve been hearing about it from citizens all over the First District. They want to see some real solutions to this problem and that’s what this bill does,” added Dr. Benishek.

Since coming to Congress in 2011, Dr. Benishek has been one of the leading voices in Congress fighting for proper funding of harbors in ports in Northern Michigan and throughout the country. Additionally, Dr. Benishek has been a strong supporter of legislation that will ensure that funds collected for harbor maintenance are used properly.

Michigan’s First Congressional District has over 1,600 miles of shoreline—the most in the continental United States and is the only district with shoreline on three of the five Great Lakes.


Press Release, October 25, 2013