LWT Introduces New Mud Cat Multi-Function Dredge and Amphibious Traxx Dredge

LWT Introduces New Mud Cat Multi-Function Dredge and Amphibious Traxx Dredge

Liquid Waste Technology, LLC announces the newest addition to the Mud Cat® line of quality dredging machines—the Mud Cat® MFD-1000 Multi-Function Dredge.

This new dredge offers the operator a versatile dredging machine that can mobilize easily, perform many different jobs, and is one truck transportable.

This new multi-function amphibious dredge can perform many different types of functions, such as:

– hydraulic dredging with 6” cutter suction pump;

– mechanical backhoe dredging with its standard one yard bucket;

– mechanical dredging with a clamshell bucket;

– weed raking and collection;

– pole setter and pile driving.

This one truck transportable dredge can unload itself from the truck without needing a crane, for easy mobilization – then reload itself onto the truck after its job is done. The MFD-1000 moves and dredges through shallow water where other single purpose machines cannot work.

The MFD-1000 is self propelled with a large stainless steel prop, so it can move to the job site under its own power.

LWT designed the new MFD for maximum productivity. It comes equipped with a modern and comfortable cabin, with easy to use joystick controls, great visibility, standard work lights, and a cabin with heat and air conditioning standard.

The MFD-1000 is ideal for maintenance of rivers, lakes, canals, marinas, and many environmental applications. It can collect and remove weeds, cleaning lakes for navigation and recreation. The MFD can be used for reconstruction of shorelines, and construction work in water. The new MFD combines the function of many machines into one versatile floating platform.

Mud Cat Traxx™

Liquid Waste Technology is also introducing a second new amphibious dredge, the Mud Cat® Traxx™.

Amphibious Traxx Dredge

With its powerful 115 HP (86 kW) John Deere engine, the new Mud Cat Traxx quickly mobilizes without a crane using its dual track drive.

The Traxx™ maneuvers easily over ground and into lagoons, lakes, canals, or rivers. Tools are available for both mechanical excavating and hydraulic dredging down to 10 feet (3 meters,) as well as weed cutting, raking, and collection.


Press Release, November 5, 2013