Dredgemaster Joins Sunergy Management Team

Dredgemaster Joins Sunergy Management Team

Sunergy Inc, announced that the famous Dredgemaster from Sierra Leone and the UK has joined the Sunergy Management Team as Director of Alluvial Mining in Sierra Leone and Liberia with a commitment to early profitability.

I am really pleased to have Dredgemaster on our management team. As part of our ongoing commitment to upgrade management, Dredge offers us the opportunity to grow and expand our base of alluvial mining operations in both Sierra Leone and Liberia. He plans to get a half dozen dredges operating in each country this dry mining season. Early estimates for cash flow from test analysis is net $20,000 to $40,000+/ month per dredge,” said Garrett Hale, Sunergy’s President and CEO.

“There is a success formula that incentivizes our dredge teams to make as much product as possible, which also helps security. Our focus this mining season is to maximize cash flow and profitability and we are well on our way now. Dredgemaster will enable us to grow our operations with confidence.

Dredgemaster has over 40 years’ experience in the Mechanical Handling and Mining Industry, mostly in Africa.

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Press Release, November 6, 2013