Russia and Baltics Port Expansion Summit Approaches

Russia and Baltics Port Expansion Summit Approaches

The expansion and upgrade of Russian as well as Baltic ports will play a vital role in the future development and improved trade of the region.

With many expansion projects going on the region, the Russian and Baltics region sees huge potential for investors and suppliers. Investment figures of up to RUB 26 billion have been published.

The Russia and Baltics Port Expansion Summit (5th and 6th December 2013, Saint Petersburg) will bring together government officials, port and transport authorities, associations, logistics providers, investors, consultants and industry experts to discuss the current status and future direction of the ports industry in Russia and the Baltics region.

Major issues to be addressed at the 2013 event are:

– Outlook of the ports sector: future opportunities and projects;

– Guaranteeing investments and funding;

– Introduction to the Russian and Baltics market : How to nagivate through the market;

– Dealing with complex rules and legal requirements;

– Import regulations and custom clearances explained;

– Tackling protection mechanisms holding back international sales;

– Improving the efficiency of port operations and vessel management;

– Planning capacity increase;

– Introducing new port technology.

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Press Release, November 13, 2013