Kiasma Introduces KFC System (Italy)

Kiasma Introduces KFC System

Kiasma and K&D Dredging with its new KFC system turbulent motion strengthened its presence on the American continent, Asian, African and European continent.

With the discharge pipe HDPE KFC system, abrasion is reduced to 0,4 mm/1 million m3 of solid flow, unlike the steel pipe that is consumed on average by 1,2 mm/1 million m3 of solid flow.


Here are some statements of two dredge master, one of African continent and one of India continent:

– African continent dredge master:

Both projects are still on stage and progressing. You can be rest assured that we are going to purchase this dredger with complete package. However, we prefer Kiasma pipes to the rusty, old pipes that follow the sale of the dredger. This is because those pipes are made of steel unlike the modern, more flexible HDPE Kiasma with KFC pipes that are offering up for sale. Steel pipes will wear out easily and may not last long considering the quality of the materials we intend to dredge. So, we intended to purchase the dredger with new pipes from Kiasma.”

– Asian continental dredge master on “benefits of KFC System”:

“With the KFC System, we are very much satisfied with performance of piping both floating and shore. Even urban debris like plastic, tins and bottles were passing through pipe system without blockage.

Kiasma has also patented KGP integrated floats.


Press Release, November 22, 2013


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