State of Ohio Orders Two Custom Dredges from Ellicott (USA)

State of Ohio Orders Two Custom Dredges from Ellicott

For the 10th time over a 50 year period, the State of Ohio has selected Ellicott Dredges to supply new dredging equipment for its Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), which is responsible for maintaining the lakes in the State’s park system.

The ODNR has agreed to a multimillion dollar contract to buy two new Swinging Ladder Dredges (SLD) from Ellicott. With these additions, ODNR will have three Ellicott dredges working on Grand Lake St. Marys – the oldest being the Ellicott-built dredge “Buckeye,” which dates back to 1965. The Ellicott-built dredge “Indian,” operating on Indian Lake, is also going strong after nearly 50 years of steady service, thanks to the efforts of the ODNR staff and a recent renovation assisted by the Ellicott parts and service department.

This time Ohio will spend approximately $2M for two new 12″ Swinging Ladder Dredges. One will be used on Grand Lake St. Marys and the other on Indian Lake.

In 2012 Ellicott delivered another SLD to Ohio, the dredge “Brutus,” which ODNR says removed a record 289,000 yd3 (220,000 m3) of sediment from Grand Lake St. Marys last year. Recent tests have also indicated that this process has resulted in an 80% reduction of harmful phosphorus in the lake. The “Brutus” of course was named after the Ohio State University mascot. The “Brutus,” like the two new dredges, is an Ellicott Model 460S Swinging Dragon® dredge.

Utilizing “Brutus” has greatly improved our efforts to remove sediment from Grand Lake St. Marys,” said the ODNR. “Through the dredging operations and nutrient management plans we continue our commitment to improve and protect the health of one of Ohio’s finest lakes.”

Former ODNR Director David Mustine added that “Governor Kasich recognizes how vital this popular recreational lake is to the local economy.” Grand Lake St. Marys was constructed in the mid-1800s to store water for the Miami-Erie Canal. It is Ohio’s largest inland lake at over 20 square miles (about 550 hectares.)

One of the earliest Ellicott® Swinging Dragon® Dredges

Ellicott first pioneered the “swinging ladder” concept in the 1940s and has updated it continuously. The new 460SL model offers the latest design technology.

The Ellicott dredge fleet will continue to improve the health of Ohio’s lakes by restoring water quality and maintaining critical sediment entry points.

Ellicott’s Domestic Sales Manager Steve Miller concluded that, “Ellicott is thrilled to have been selected once again by Ohio as their dredge supplier of choice as we have worked hard over many decades to earn our reputation for building quality, reliable dredging equipment.”


Press Release, November 25, 2013