Damen: First Service Hub Opens in Australia

First Service Hub Opens in Australia

Damen’s first Australian Service Hub was officially declared open by the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Captain Kasper Kuiper on November 8. Damen Services Brisbane Pty Ltd. will serve Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Headed up by Peter Ryan, the new hub will handle all warranty or maintenance issues and offer training courses, as well having a spare parts store onsite.

Roland Briene, Damen Area Director Asia Pacific, says: “We are really pleased to have established a full Service Hub in Australia from which to serve our many clients in the region. There are some 70 Damen vessels operating in the region currently, with more to come.

Damen is working with the same highly skilled local engineers and contractors that it has been doing for more than a decade, ensuring continuity of service levels.

Every customer will be able to access the Damen web portal where they can find information about their vessels, drawings and order any spare parts needed.

Simulator training

Currently, Damen is building up its relationship with local simulator companies to further extend training possibilities.

Mr Briene: “This is really the next step in the development of the region for Damen. We were keen to be on the east coast because this is a very busy area with many interesting projects going on and our New Zealand business is also expanding significantly, with several new Damen clients. We are very much looking forward to assisting clients in the region and further developing this exciting market.”


Press Release, November 28, 2013