CARIS Conducts Workshop on IHO S-100 Standard (Ecuador)

CARIS Conducts Workshop on IHO S-100 Standard

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) recently helped organize and deliver a workshop on the new S-100 standard in Ecuador.

The workshop was coordinated by Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada del Ecuador (INOCAR), which hosted members from the South East Pacific Hydrographic Commission (Peru, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador), as well as representatives from the International Centre for Electronic Navigational Charts (IC-ENC), University of New Hampshire and private industry.

The workshop took place in Guayaquil, with the purpose of raising awareness in the region towards the implementation of the new S-100 standard in the near future. The workshop was delivered by Juan Carballini from CARIS, Richard Fowle from IC-ENC and Dr. Lee Alexander from New Hampshire University.

The workshop was well received by the participants and was considered a complete success, given the novelty of the topic.

For individuals interested in learning first-hand how the S-100 standard is being implemented in CARIS software, CARIS will be hosting a two-day boot camp at the CARIS 2014 conference in Brest, France in June.


Press Release, December 4, 2013