US Dredge Contractor Retires After 45 Years

US Dredge Contractor Fleet Available for Sale

A US Dredge contractor is retiring after 45 years in the dredge contracting business. Everything in the dredging fleet is in good working order and available for immediate sale, they announced.

There are three 18″X16″ DSC Shark Class dredges with 45 foot digging depth capability that was built around 2008-2009. There are also four dredge tender workboats, five barges (survey, crane, fuel, sectional, and spill), 22,000 feet of nominal 18″ SDR 17 HDPE pipe with floats and sinkers, 2 fusion machines and containers full of spare parts.

US Dredge Contractor Fleet Available for Sale.

All the equipment is located in the SE section of the USA and is ready for the inspection. The equipment recently completed a US Army Corps of Engineers project and meets all necessary US regulations. It has recently been surveyed by an ABS certified surveyor.

For additional information, please contact:

Charlie Sinunu

Director International Sales

DSC Dredge

[email protected]


Dredging Today Staff, December 4, 2013