Luka Koper Attends European ITS Event (Belgium)

Luka Koper Attends European ITS Event

Attended by representatives of Luka Koper, the closing event of the European ITS (Intelligent Transport System) Adriatic Multi-port Gateway project took place at the European Parliament in Brussels on 25th and 26th November.

The ITS Adriatic Multi-port Gateway project, which forms part of the European TEN-T programme, was initiated to establish a common IT platform for the efficient exchange of information between the member ports of the North Adriatic Ports Association – NAPA. Its overall objective has been to increase the competitiveness of European intermodal maritime logistics chains using the ports of the Northern Adriatic. The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Center pilot project, which facilitates communication with container vessels, is an important acquisition of the ITS project.

Co-funded in the amount of 50% by the European Union, the project led by the Venice Port Authority saw the participation of all NAPA members (Koper, Trieste and Rijeka) as well as the Ravenna Port Authority.

The ITS project also included a study of the container shipping potentials of the Northern Adriatic ports in order to facilitate the future planning of facilities and infrastructure. Findings indicate a 6 million TEUs per annum aggregate capacity by 2030, of which 2 million TEUs per year could be directed through Koper. This corroborates the adequacy of Luka Koper’s development plans which are aimed at optimising existing facilities together with the construction of additional capacities at the Container Terminal.

NAPA members also collaborate in other fields. An important common objective was accomplished through the inclusion of Northern Adriatic ports in the Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean corridors in the further development of the Europe’s transport infrastructure, recently endorsed by the European Parliament.


Press Release, December 5, 2013