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Deltares Alliance in Kenya

Deltares has signed an agreement with four Kenyan parties to work together in the field of sustainable water and soil management.

Deltares and the four Kenyan organisations will be sharing their expertise in the field of water, the subsurface and infrastructure. Kenya faces challenges with water resulting from a range of factors such as climate change, increasing demand for water, urbanisation, deforestation, pollution and scarcity.

Adequate supplies of clean water are of vital importance for the growing Kenyan economy. Long drought periods are increasingly frequent, sometimes interspersed with intense rains and flooding.

As a result, sustainable water and soil management are high on the Kenyan government’s agenda. Deltares can supply knowledge in the field of sustainable water and soil management, and delta cities. This alliance will allow Deltares to develop its expertise in this area further.

The four Kenyan institutes in the MoU are the Kenya Water Towers Agency, the Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology, the Greening Kenya Initiative Trust, and the African Collaborative Centre for Earth System Science.


Press Release, December 19, 2013


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