DM-55: IMS’s Solution to Deep Maintenance Dredging (VIDEO)

IMS's Solution to Deep Maintenance Dredging

No longer will ports need to hire large commercial dredging outfits to do expensive deep maintenance dredging. Now they can invest in their own maintenance dredging system that will allow them to maintain a maximum depth of 55 ft (16.7m) at their port. The DM-55™ is IMS’s solution to making deep maintenance dredging and environmental dredging affordable.

In addition to maintenance dredging with a hydraulic pump and pipeline, water injection jets can be attached to the cutter shroud and convert the dredge into a water injection system that will put the sediments into suspension so bottom currents can push them out to sea.

This is a common form of maintenance performed at many ports around the world.

The DM-55™ system ships in two pieces on drop deck trailers greatly reducing mobilization and demobilization costs associated with larger dredges that are impractical to move over roads.

It is easily installed in the field with quick connections for the hull, ladder, hydraulics, and electronics. The DM-55™ can dredge silt, mud, and other light sedimentary materials using the dual marine prop drive system.

When dredging in heavier currents and removing sand at deeper depths it is recommended to run the dredge on the included cable drive system which can run off of two or four point anchor systems. The cable drive system can be rigged in several configurations using a combination of the following anchor point types: pilings, spud anchor barges, and land based anchor plates.


Dredging Today Staff, January 6, 2014